UX – Putting it all to use!

You have seen me blogging endlessly about user experience design, today you get to see some of what that all goes toward!

I’m very excited to share with every one a project I am working on! I am fortunate enough to be a part of an extremely involved web development program at Clark College. Not only is my user experience class taught by Robert Hughes, the director of my program, but many of my other classes are taught by people who are truly working in the industry. I am taught WordPress by Lorelle VanFossen,  who helped develop WordPress itself! I learned all of my coding skills from Bruce Elgort, who owns a software company called Elguji among many other successes (to say the least). The project I am working on now has so much support that we have had the library staff and even the president of Clark College come into class and see what we are up to.

So what are we working on?

Our class is working with the library to rework their search page! A seemingly simple task that much is going into. We are not only changing the look but doing so is correlation with the movement toward  a new way of connecting users with the material they are looking for. What we do will be the face of a the libraries’ next big step to accommodate changing times and technologies. There is an article on Clark’s site covering what we are doing if your interested!

Here is what we are working with…

clark library site (looks rough)

Here is what our group envisions to be best…

our mock up of what the site should look like
*This is of course a mock-up, to be developed much further

Amongst a group of me and three other students ( including Jesse Byars) this is what we came up with. Later this week we will Continue reading



photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

School is going to be crazy this quarter. For several quarters I tackled 18 credits; this quarter…13 credits. I have never been more intimidated by my classes though, in the first week in my JavaScript class alone I have been prompted to build 4 websites! It looks like I will be busy as all hell for a while here. On the bright side I am extremely excited for all of my classes! For the first time in my web dev program I am actually producing stuff! Granted I did make websites in html previously and programs in python but now, I am actually getting to express my self and ideas in my classes and create dynamic and interesting things! My web design course has been the best so far, it feels almost like a step back to childhood. I’m not saying its easy but that its fun; its like play time for grown ups (that play with code and layouts for fun). Every day in this class we are to “sketch a web” and draw out a webpage. I do that any way! I joked with myself that instead of taking the time in class to draw one up that I would just spend that time going through my notebook to find my favorite to share. Furthermore we also search the internet for websites that we like, which comically is another thing I do often and was actually doing in class with each spare moment I could find In the learning. How amazing when the things you do for fun become “work” and/or “school”. We are even going to be making personal websites and websites in teams for a real client! Nothing easy but a lot fun. I’m excited, bring it on!