speedflying 4

No skis required, awesome video!


Who inspires me? Part 2

A few days ago I made a post about who inspires me, in which I looked at a few people I thought were just grand. I gave great attention as to what I found so inspiring in these people, focusing mostly one individual (joe seeber) that just recently began to catch my attention. In this post I would like to introduce yet another person that has quite simply rocked my world. He operates on the internet under the name, “NutnFancy”. His introduction starts with a short back story…

snapshot of facebook message talking about how great nuntfancy's videos are Continue reading

A few videos were just shared with me; they were interviewing Richard Saul Wurman, the creator of Ted Talk. I loved what this man had to say.

That the key to creating/designing great things is to first design your life.

I touched on this in a post on simplifying your life, the concept rings very true. Think about how conducive a well fitted lifestyle is to success, it almost goes without saying. However, you often have to take a step back and look at the simple things to get oriented. It’s all too easy to cloud your judgment and draw faulty correlation’s as to why you are struggling with something.

Have you taken a step back and looked at your life lately?

Speed flying

Neglecting to share this video would serve as an injustice to life itself! This may be singular most amazing swoop ever done! 
March 18 (my birthday) is less than a month away, it is the date I set for myself marking when I can start speed flying. I was and will continue to venture into the sport with great care… but I got to say I am very excited! I have been sitting on a 10 meeter Ozone Bullet for almost a year now…

A special thanks to Pál Takáts for not only bringing this video to my attention, but also for being a great role model for me to look to!

Simplify your life

 Each day I put great thought into how I spend each moment, will spend each moment, and want to spend each moment.

The projects I have taken on both embody and promote the life style I believe in.  This includes paragliding, my small and ultra efficient home I am building, my passion for web development and what I aspire to use it for, even this very blog.

I have looked to many places for inspiration, and finding great success in many places and wasting time in others. One of the most valuable tools I have found (ever) is the simple living manifesto. I can not stress enough that you should read this. At the very least you should skim it over and let it make you think. I personally revisit this article regularly… its a priceless piece of work and I could never manage to get enough people to look at. I truly hope you do and that it does for you what it has done for me!

My approach to blogging (and life)

Sometimes you don’t know where you are going with things, in general. One things for sure though, there is somewhere you aspire to be. Maybe you cant put your finger on it or wouldn’t even know where to start. The best approach I see is to embrace this concept…

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?


Embracing the things you love to do, or just trying something.  Just keep moving… you will find yourself on the right path.

Doing something over nothing is (I would argue) just important as knowing what your doing it for, or how it gets you there for that matter.


I ran across this quote today and just have to share it.

If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.

It was said by Henry Ford, and rings very true.  He has many good quotes that are well worth your time to look over.

I love hearing a good quote; nothing as better than a short statement that is both inspiring and thick with knowledge.