Responsive Desighn Workflow – My work flow

Every project starts in the same spot, getting or being given an idea (or project). Every time I immediately record the concept as soon as possible. I also am careful to not record ideas or any concepts that will give me a bias when I reach a real development stage; something I do too much and have ruined projects with. Then I mull the idea around thinking about how it should be approached, I also get input from others to help find some direction or unique approaches… this is something I am constantly doing. Then I finally sit down to create my first written ideas, starting with documenting the bare-bones structure needed and then playing with how those can be best presented. This stage involves a lot of getting ideas and input from others as-well as looking to see what others did in similar situations. After a seriously large bit of thinking and trial and error I settle on how everything should be tackled. Finally I start coding at this point and making a wireframe, this involves just as much if not more of seeing what works and what does not and getting ideas and input from others; I am also referencing my notes from before. After a the roller coaster that is settling on a layout is finished I start populating the website and fine tuning everything to work. I have come to really love being a part of this process, and I am so excited for further my skills and try new things. On that note and given that this is my last post for this class I would really like to say thank you fer everything this quarter… changing over to web dev for school was a scary thing to do and I’m so happy to have taken the leap! I’m excited to go to school and too see what this all becomes. I look at the whole world differently and have skills I would have never dreamed of, and I’m just getting started! Thanks



Site reveiw

Well…Some one was going to do it! My website I chose to review is First off I do love the simplicity brought to the website, it really buys into the idea that less is more. However I think the website is 2 things too deep into the less is more ideology. First and foremost the lack of any kind of border around the videos bothers me, even the littlest border would help a lot; I feel like this is even more in portent because the videos break from the red body. Next off is the fact is that I don’t feel like I would be comfortable contacting you because a lack of an about page accompanied with any call to action. On the other hand the design currently definitely is straightforward as far as immersing users in the media and information available. Admittedly I am not sure how one could add the later of what I said is needed with out damaging the straightforwardness I appreciate. Possibly a call to action under unveil your unique stories?

Responsive Design Workflow – Chapter 4,5,6

Chapter 4, introduction of the “tool rule”! I’m sure glad the author did that, otherwise I could never see past his command line work and simulations. He luckily has the thought to realize that our industry is constantly changing and there are many angles to work it from. Ill tell you what, the command line is cool, converting to html was cool, but its not my thing.

I really like how the author keeps giving attention to working with the client. The author gives good input regarding problems he has had and ways to communicate in understandable terms. Furthermore this translates to the attention given to documentation in wire frames.

This last week I didn’t get to the reading until Thursday, so most of it was review. I’m going to try and read far ahead this week. It will help in class and I’ll have less to carry biking to school!


Responsive Design Workflow – Chapters 1,2,3

I love how the author jumps right off sharing his background the development of how web sites are developed and then goes straight to poking holes at the entire process, making a mockery of it, arguably even throwing a wrench into the whole concept. Beautiful. Furthermore, necessary. I have been thinking to my self very much recently, whats so different between what I want to and others in my classes with similar but different interests and fields want to do? I suppose the real difference is personal interest/focus, the author goes to make a good point that if your touching front-end work then it means… well you touched the front-end. It seems like a moot point and isn’t the soul focus of this chapter but its a great point to look at none the less. It takes no thought and comes with no regret to follow the author as he “jumps from the waterfall” and take a step forward into designing in the browser.

Websites should not be built like automobiles in an assembly line.

What a great idea! Its kinda a statement that deserves a response to the nature of, “duh”. I have my sites set more on doing freelance and more individualistic work, but I was disturbed to learn how teams building websites interacted.  Even from a stand point that is involved I have remained upset with such a illogical method of completing a task, let alone a task of this type. Just as I largely dislike poor-efficiency I value true efficiency greatly and the manner in which the author proposes one should start designing a website is spectacular. Its simple, fast, realistic, and growth oriented.

The authors stance that wireframes are over complicated, it makes me uneasy. I understand how he has come to feel such a way but I myself from a rather unbiased point of view slightly concur. I believe that basic sketched wireframes would be a perfect step added between gathering a content inventory and jumping into markup. It gives a simple and non time consuming moment to figure our what the client does and does not want, even if its a vague it of direction, but I digress the author shows humility in his stance and I may feel different as I continue on. As a final side note, I feel like mobile first is genius; its simple and very growth oriented.

The Principles Of Web Design – Chapter 1,2,3

This book has me so excited! I’m always thinking about different website layouts and different ways to present content. I have given a lot of thought to this subject and its very fun to read a book that dives deeper into the subject. Things I have had on my mind currently and previously keep popping up such as a balance between a sites functionality and appeal as well as an ability to sufficiently meet all users needs through varying methods. I also love how the book acts not only as a manual to design but from an angle that provides real life applications of a web designer with input giving thought to the involvement of customers, users, and yourself. In the same manner this book inspires me to build websites in my head while reading I’m also interacting with theoretical customers. After just the first chapter I feel like I have significantly improved ability to apply what is currently a conceptual means of making a website come to life. I have been introduced to some great methods of thought to add to my own as well as some really neat ideas to try out.

I felt as if a great weight was being lifted as I began to read chapter two. The thought I’ve put into color selection for websites has been the source of much stress and confusion and the fact that it is so easy to get caught up in something so petty is rather upsetting in itself. I found great comfort in seeing a chapter in this book that not only showed my I was not the only one with this disease, and that there was a cure. A nice method of settling on a color scheme was provided along with reasoning for why to do it that way. Having that makes something that seems so daunting go along much better, kind of like a solder entering a battle field; his training tells him what to do. I know that color selection is much more intense than war… but I feel like my training will help me along.

I was once again very excited to read when I discovered chapter three was about using texture in web design and now that I’m setting it down after flying through it, I’m even more excited. The one thing that I kept picturing in my mind through out chapter two was the beautiful colored sites to be, but few felt complete with out texture. I agree with the author that texture can be the thing that brings a site above and beyond standards. Furthermore a appreciated his wade ranged input toward how to had been, could, should and should not be used. I feel much more informed and ready to try many new things, beyond texture related thanks to the authors forethought to include subjects like rotating, rounding, and even removing content boxes for desired effects.

Loving my school work!


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School is going to be crazy this quarter. For several quarters I tackled 18 credits; this quarter…13 credits. I have never been more intimidated by my classes though, in the first week in my JavaScript class alone I have been prompted to build 4 websites! It looks like I will be busy as all hell for a while here. On the bright side I am extremely excited for all of my classes! For the first time in my web dev program I am actually producing stuff! Granted I did make websites in html previously and programs in python but now, I am actually getting to express my self and ideas in my classes and create dynamic and interesting things! My web design course has been the best so far, it feels almost like a step back to childhood. I’m not saying its easy but that its fun; its like play time for grown ups (that play with code and layouts for fun). Every day in this class we are to “sketch a web” and draw out a webpage. I do that any way! I joked with myself that instead of taking the time in class to draw one up that I would just spend that time going through my notebook to find my favorite to share. Furthermore we also search the internet for websites that we like, which comically is another thing I do often and was actually doing in class with each spare moment I could find In the learning. How amazing when the things you do for fun become “work” and/or “school”. We are even going to be making personal websites and websites in teams for a real client! Nothing easy but a lot fun. I’m excited, bring it on!