speedflying 4

No skis required, awesome video!


speed flying – video series 1

I work my way through a lot of videos about canopy sports, from all form of paragliding to typical wing suit videos. Watching one of my favorite speedflying videos today I got a cool idea to create a series of posts sharing my favorite videos from each category of canopy sports. On that note lets kick off the series with the video that sparked the whole idea! The pilots in this video have unimaginable skills and really show what speedflying can be if you have what it takes.

If you want to know what its like – Paragliding

It felt great to bring in a little more personal content in the last week here, particularly when I posted about speed flying. So today I would like to share a bit more about paragliding. It is one of the singular greatest things I have brought into my life, and I could talk about it endlessly. Today however I will not leave you subject to a paragliding rant but will instead share with you a video. No words can express what paragliding is like, nor could any picture or video… but this one comes about as close as it gets!

If you would like to get to know more about my paragliding ventures, please check out my other blog PxParaglider!

Speed flying

Neglecting to share this video would serve as an injustice to life itself! This may be singular most amazing swoop ever done! 
March 18 (my birthday) is less than a month away, it is the date I set for myself marking when I can start speed flying. I was and will continue to venture into the sport with great care… but I got to say I am very excited! I have been sitting on a 10 meeter Ozone Bullet for almost a year now…

A special thanks to Pál Takáts for not only bringing this video to my attention, but also for being a great role model for me to look to!

Tracking again

I keep telling myself that I’m going to fill out a dream journal every morning… but the hell I will! That very fact has held me back for too long, so I’m just going to enter stuff in when I can and avoid making something so simple into such an ordeal. This approach inspired by Rocket Surgery Made Easy!

On with the dream! I have many reoccurring dreams, as does any one else but I am fortunate enough to have a really cool one! In many of my dreams I do this thing called tracking, its something you do in free fall to propel yourself forward. It can be seen in many BASE jumping videos; with your legs spread, hands to your side, body arched with your head looking down, and some serious skill you can actually fly your body. Though I think wingsuiting is cool, tracking is way cooler! Nothing is more profound than flying with your body like that! In some videos skilled trackers can almost match the glide of wingsuiters! In my dreams I am often a tracking bad ass… If I were to  trip on a steep mountain slope. No prob! I’ll just do some proximity tracking until I land in a lake down below.   Very dream like, but very cool. My dream last night was a hoot, first lets set the scene. I was coming out of my high school(which was ran by my current college staff of course) to get something from my car. As a paraglider pilot(in real life)I am always monitoring the environment and seeing how air is acting, I’m looking for lift mostly. I realized in my dream that the parking lot was freaking on right then and with no hesitation dove into it assuming the position to track. It worked and I has so much fun! It was of course silly but none the less I felt like I was coring thermals with just my body and the feeling was warm and magical. I hope to track again tonight when I fall asleep!