Who inspires me?

It is very important to look toward people, see what they are doing, take inspiration from them, and learn from them. Most of those who fit this bill in my world are canopy sports athletes. Rob who gave me my first wing, Matt my instructorPál Takáts, Jeb Corliss, and so on…

They are people I aspire to be like, not only because they can and have done amazing things, but because I see how they are ambitiously pursuing life and taking it for all its worth. This is something that only comes with great determination, forethought, and the right mindset. The conditions in which they live day-to-day serves to be a true testament that they have what it takes, not only to get through the day but so see many more. It is not without great consideration they fly. It is not with out great consideration they make any choices.

Recently I have found yet another face to look toward; in my blogs infancy I was excited to get a few followers and likes, most of which I discovered were only looking for web site traffic (which I can understand and respect). One like however brought me to a blog that really struck me. The content was very genuine, informative, and the deeper I dug the greater it got! I had landed on the blog of Joe Seeber, who is passionate about not only blogging but also living with the right mindset.

What caught my attention the most was one video in particular, in which he was sharing how he gets ready for the day. Getting up and getting in the right grove, being thankful for life itself, and taking that positive energy and directing it toward his goals in life.  Joe then shared several collages he had created and put on display, he called them “vision boards”. His vision boards  are full of images of things he wanted to bring into his life. He had these because he believes that deeply internalizing these ambitions will drive him to one day bring them to reality, a concept which refers to as, “The law of attraction“. I would like to note right now how perplexing it was to see him point to paragliding on his vision board, I can only let that fact be a statement in itself because I can find no words to address that otherwise. As if I was not already sucked in by his blogging and life tips!

Joe does not just dream of making things happen, he makes them happen. It is very clear to me that he has tangible goals he addresses each day, both short and long-term. He has a passion for sharing what he does and how he does it. I can not express enough my gratitude for his efforts. He has taught me a whole lot since I have crossed paths with him, from blogging tricks to a greater way of life.

One of the greatest things about Joe is that he has realized how important it is to give attention to himself in order to progress and bring to life his ideas, like I talked about in another post.


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