Are you interested in web development?

For any one thats looking at getting  into web development I have some advice. In watching a video today I saw this in the comments…

i want to be a website desinger i am 19 turning 20 this year, i really wanna be a website designer,my brother advised me to go take classes, is it worth it?

I had been in this exact position before, so I left the following response.  I shared with him what I wish others would have shared with me as I stepped into coding.

Yes! Way worth it! I have some great insight give your situation. Im turning 20 this next month.

I was going through the standard 4 year business degree process, and not really liking it. I took an HTLM class (just because I was interested) and I am so happy about it. You should really do it!

Don’t be intimidated by everything, its not only easy to learn but also a very accessible field! You can get a start by doing one simple thing; learn HTML.

I would recommend taking a good class if possible of course. On top of that there we have a great you can get help from. Check out or use google to find local “meetUps”. Using those two tools (and many others you can find) you can not only be well prepared for your classes but could even bypass much schooling.

*somthing I wish I would have been told going into this…

I jumped into web dev completely clueless, I didn’t know why I was learning what I was or how it all fell together; here is a short guide/explanation as to where to start and how everything falls together.

First you will need to learn HTML (as stated). HTML is the code that deals with the content of a site. Titles, links, pictures, ect. are all in HTML.

As you are learning HTML you will be learning CSS, which works in sync with HTML to structure your websites layout. This will make things sit in different spots or change the color of different divisions of your site.

Learning each of these is the very foundation of everything you need to know. You will be amazed how simple it is and as soon as you learn them you will be able to actually make websites!

Following HTML/CSS you will probably be hearing about JavaScript an PHP. Don’t be overwhelmed by this. In short they are languages that make your HTML/CSS more effective. PHP will change up your site before it is loaded by the user and can furthermore be used to process forms or allow user logins (if you need). JavaScript will change up your site after it has beed loaded by the user and allows things to be more interactive/dynamic, such as telling you a form was filled our wrong or letting you create pop ups.

Every language gets easier to learn and many of them are very much alike. Not only are they progressively simpler to tackle but they serve to make YOUR life easier. The best part is that you only need to take things as far as you need. It is quite possible that things like PHP or JavaScript will be of no use/interest to you.

Good luck with everything, and remember that networking is key! People will be more than happy to help you along if you show the drive an desire!



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