Embracing policy use

In my WordPress class we were prompted to participate in a discussion. It was in regard to policies on websites, our area of study this week.  We started embracing policy use in our class blogs and I will soon also be embracing policy use in this blog aswell, its a very powerful tool that can be and often is over looked

My contribution for the discussion…

Question 1. Why are these policies required, and should they be required on every type of site from personal to commercial?

Well they are required because they do two critical things. The first and most influential too your site is that you create the basis on which you and other interact with the site. This directly translates to a cleaner site, the site you intend to build. Secondly you are creating a safeguard for not only yourself but also your  users, regarding many legal standpoints; many of which are there for good reason.

If you want a respectable site and want to ensure a positive progression then you should be embracing policy use.

Question 2. Suggestions on how the policies should be displayed and featured on the site.

I think that the way we laid out our policies for our class site it the best way. One big take away for me was when lorelle pointed out that collapsible policies take effort, effort that many users will avoid. Our layout is intuitive as well as clean, making it the way to go in my opinion.

In my mind I could think of some situation that certain policies should be capitalized on and presented separately or in may places, but for the most part a policies section of a site is perfect.


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