Tearing it up in the blog world!

All this intermingling of blog posts has got me all excited!

First and foremost I am excited to have been featured in a classmates blog. Who became my friend very quickly by posing a question about blogging, using a metaphorical blog post about design in tiny houses to pose the question. I have not shared much about my tiny house on this blog, I have plans to give it a blog of its own.

That statement aside I would like to say that I am extremely passionate about “tiny living”. It brings such simplicity to many aspects of everyday life. I have been looking at this stuff for a long time too… at age 15 I built my tiny house inspired structure deep in the woods. In time I have greatly advanced my skill. knowledge, and dedication levels and let my would be tiny house fall wayside to my first realistic tiny house. If your interested then check it out!

Also I have just got my first article into the ClarkWP WordPress Magazine! I never realized how dynamic posting to a blog can be! We have a whole bunch of people adding content to the site at once. Not only that but we take turns working at editors as well, making for a top notch production line. I am both happy and inspired by what I am experiencing in my WordPress class!

I am already getting very serious about starting my own online magazine… focusing on the few niche canopy sports that have so deeply inspired me. Sure there is plenty of coverage of these sports already… but not for those involved. Most coverage (though interesting) is covered by people outside the sport, with a angle that draws in viewers. I want coverage that is for the athletes, by the athletes.


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