What does a peaceful place look like?

I live in a very rural area, but seem to be constantly bombarded by an endless amount of things that demand my attention. Right now however I am sick, along with much of my family; as a result I am staying with my grandparents down in town. I am in a neighborhood that is surrounded by many busy streets and right by a hospital, but things could not be more peaceful. Why, you may ask? Well I suppose its because in not prompted my the noises I hear and things happening around me to react. Sure at home I would be surrounded my the woods with not much around, but I would not feel this disconnect I do now. The sound of the wind or rain would have me wondering what I should protect from damage outside, I would see laundry to do, people would need help with stuff. But here I am far away from all of those worries. There are two ways to get to this same peaceful place the way I see it. The first is to move your body the way I have, the second is to move your mind and not invest so much in everything happening around you. Both viable approaches, with pros and cons in each respect.


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