CGT 105 – Objectified

I pay a lot of attention to design and I am very passionate about it. For that reason exactly Objectified was a very interesting to see. It covered many aspects of design; some of it familiar and some of it not. What struck me the most among all things presented to me was a series of ideas that were all created to address one issue, these ideas were to, ”make things wear in and not out” and come to terms with the fact that things are not often used long.

If one is successful in accomplishing these feats, while still maintaining other necessary design elements, a great thing happens. The product not only fits the needs of the user, but works within the worldly parameters it should.

A great question was posed in this film, “if your house was burning down, what are the few things you would grab?” When answering this question in my head I found any object I found myself grabbing has and would “get better with time”.

A lot of thought went into the making of this film and presenting these ideas well. The term “mind map” was also introduced here, giving words to the process in which people attempt to layout their ideas and in time truly realize them. I really liked this term and it made me think about a process I have gone through my self. I am building a small house; and this film gave words to things I lacked words to describe. The “mind maps” which are embodied through notebooks of house layouts, color pallets, and various things I could change to make everything work. Most interestingly the idea I have had to put metal siding on that is meant to rust (as seen here) is now something I can give reason to… to make the house get better with time.

rusty siding on house


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  1. Accepting rust seems lazy. Embracing it as an added value is original thinking. Just thinking myself, I would like to find more rust lovers like you; I think I have some very valuable cars from the 70’s that would asthetically pleasing. 😊

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