CGT 106 – My Quality Experience

Quite ironically yet understandably the first quality experience that I thought of and wanted to write about was reading the book for this class, “Rocket Surgery Made Easy”.  I love everything I am doing in school, so my idea of a good winter break was doing school work! I read and reviewed almost all of my school books.  About every day on my break was spent in a library, quiet room, any where I could find to geek out on my material. Obviously I have a great interest in all on  my classes, but the experience I had reading this book in particular really peaked my interest in both this field of work and this class. UX can only get so exciting though, the true reason I was so pleased with my experience was that it was made great due to the books (expected) amazing approach and layout.

First and foremost I was most struck by the first page of each chapter which consisted of one large colored page, the chapter number, and a short and relevant catchphrase. I had actually found this book online for half the price I got it for in the Clark book store… but when I looked at it I could not help but get excited and buy it right then and there; it was beautiful! What I found to be really awesome later on was that chapters were grouped by having different color coded themes, this included the first chapter pages, headers, and backgrounds. The use of color coding accompanied with wise referencing to information available on the internet really simplified and improved my reading experience, the color coding acting much like classes in HTML and the references acting like variables in many scripting languages (that had all been set and placed in one spot; his website). To top everything off the author capitalized on being straightforward and presenting things simply; a prime example being chapter 2 which consisted of no more than one page because that was all that was needed. Lastly I was happy to discover that simple well thought out approaches also existed in the authors approach toward UX testing. These things bundled together made for a very Quality experience.


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