Night hike

So I have not been on a good sleep schedule, I’ll say that right off the bat. Ever since I stayed up to do a late night float in a sensory deprivation tank(awesome!) my nights have consisted of me laying in bed too tired to do any thing but not tired enough to sleep. Tonight I said to my self,”what the heck I’ll do something with my night” and so I did. No more than 5 minutes from my house is Cape Horn, a series of rather monumental cliffs that tower over the Columbia River Gorge. With a fresh playlist on my phone and some warm clothes I took off to go have a peaceful night alone there. Most people hear Cape Horn and think of the “terrifying” stretch of highway 14 that runs across its cliff face but up above lays a less known and very beautiful area; its a place of wonder to me… the view is powerful and awe inspiring, to top it off my friends have stories of jumping off here, ice climbing up it, and many other inspiring things I dream and plan to one day do. So for hours tonight I simply relaxed there, sorted my thoughts, and hummed some tunes as I wandered along whichever trails I so desired. Before leaving I took some time to lay in an open area and watch the clouds shoot by, they were no more than 50 feet above me and in between each one I could see a beautiful starry sky. About now I am warm in my bed, happy and ready to sleep. I had an amazing night.


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