Found this old file deep in my computer…

I am hunter nelson and I have a lot of interest mainly like athletic things that I find exciting. The only things I like any TV related things like video games, movies  ect.I want to tell you three things I do like. I think you may find some of them surprising.

My very favorite thing is flying. I have not flown too much but I have several people supporting me and helping me so i’m getting closer. I plan to buy an ultra light and my parents support me doing that. I almost have enough mosey to get after all my work this summer. I am so close to flying and that makes it my favorite thing relating me.

My second favorite thing you may find interesting is that I love hiking.

I like hiking because it lets me explore places and learn new things. I often go hiking up beacon rock with my dad and go other interesting places too. I have seen all kinds of things hiking.

One other thing I like to do is watch planes from my back yard. I live on top of a hill so I see them pretty well. Occasionally I will see an ulralight fly over head and I will try to wave to the pilot and that always hakes my day.

Those area few of my favorite things to do. I also like wrestling and playing jokes of people. I enjoy almost anything and I think you will learn that over the year.


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