Winter goals update

So I am doing rather well with my winter goals, today being a rather monumental one. I finished Rocket Science Made Easy! This book is for my user experience class and I found it to be a very good one. It taught me many reasonable as well as tried and true approaches to testing usability in my projects; I am very excited for the class to start and already relieved that I knocked out so much work beforehand. I also have done some good work toword my other goals which were  to work, build on my house, and do codecademy courses. Along with finishing my book today I managed to get a lot of work done on the back wall of my house as well as clean it out… its inspiring to look at to say the least! I finished off working at the tree farm for this season, so not only do I have more time for my other goals but I also have some money to throw at my house. Last but not least I just made a great decision, I was really caught up in doing the JavaScript and JQuery courses on codecademy but have managed to let those go to the wayside for a bit and start on php. I could use help with fluency in JavaScript and JQuery but ultimately feel great about how much I can do with them, fluency will come in time and I do intent to revisit those courses just as I did HTML/CSS but when php is not such a high priority. Now that I am doing this a can (and will) correlate my reading and studying so I really get the bang for my buck. I have been simply elated to have all this time to work at my leisure this break and I’m excited for more.



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