Ch12 – Rocket Surgery Made Easy

Well at this point I have fully been introduced to testing and how to do it and the rest of the book’s intent is to pass on a few wise words of advice, gained after years of experience by the author. This chapter pertained to commonly seen problems and their solutions. Before I started reading I figured common problems and solutions would consist of …well problems, but instead was only given one problem. This one problem was argued by the author to be the singular most important problem and furthermore the embodiment of all other problems. The problem was that people get lost, and remain lost. This is namely caused by a misleading, unclear, or cluttered home page. Though other issues can work along the same lines, the author urged designers to strive to have a clean lay out that is straightforward and to the point. I have personally seen this issue already, and experienced it… I will capitalize on being weary of it.


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