Ch11 – Rocket Surgery Made Easy

“We all need to invest a little more in being tweakers”, according to chapter 11 of my book. I’m paraphrasing of course, here is a phrase from chapter 11 I wont paraphrase though…

Do the least you can do.

The idea is not overwhelm yourself and do things like make a whole new sidebar because the current one has an issue in it; instead tweak it. In the manner we learned to avoid preforming a unrealistic “Big Honk’n test” we need to not make “Big Honk’n changes”. The author makes a good point to state that even if you want to do something huge to fix a problem, its best to start with a small simple fix for the time being. Simple.

So how do we test these said changes? Well the author said it will be obvious, and if you happen to not be sure then just grab someone (anyone) and test it really fast. I’m loving the straightforwardness.


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