Ch9 – Rocket Surgery Made Easy

“Making it a spectator sport”, the finally chapter of the section pertaining to actual testing. The focus of this chapter as to cover the behind the scenes things in testing, specifically observers. In my previous chapter reviews I have neglected to pay much attention to “the man behind the curtain” but this chapter clearly showed me I should do otherwise. It encourages the facilitator (me) to not only have someone observing the test (something I felt I could do without) but to have everyone observing the test! Bosses, designers, developers, ect. should be there; I love this idea! The benefits are countless and the idea of doing this even sounds fun! The author paints a picture of a separate place where all the media being recorded in the test room is exported to, and within this room ideas are shared and recorded under the eyes of a moderator who keeps things on track. Talk about maximizing efficiency! Given the opportunity I would surely do this, I am excited to be immersed in moments like this when class starts up!

Note: The manner in how this should be done was something I didn’t touch very much, this is because it is quite straightforward, and I have realized that when the time comes I have access to scripts and checklists that the author has shared at 


Before starting chapters 5-9 I gave a brief overview of my “testing” methods/ideologies so I could compare before and after what approach I thought was best. With little to no hesitation I can say I would happily scrap every preconceived notion of how I should run a test and follow Krug’s methods. Of course Many of my habits formed regarding getting input from other sources should and will remain, but these are not so much tests but instead catalysts to proper development. 


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