Ch8 – Rocket Surgery Made Easy

“Now for the main event, the test itself”, those were exciting words to see! The book jumps right into saying it assumes that for now I will be the facilitator; walking them through the scripts and encouraging them to think out loud (being a tour-guide and therapist as the book stated). Then the author pretty much goes right back to his checklists to get started with testing, the first step simply reiterating the need to have and check all equipment such as screen sharing tools and mics ect. I have yet to commit to investing in such things, but may rethink as the book and my class exposes me more to these. After being sure to ready the test area half an hour before comes the greeting, a simple 4 minute intro that is a scripted introduction that builds a rapport and sets expectations. Next comes the questions script, it gives a chance to know the user more and more importantly gets them comfortable talking. My dad once told me if you want to learn something from someone or get them to like you, to ask them to talk about them self; I do this every day and its genius so surely I would capitalize on doing so in this step. After a good relationship is build and you have gained valuable in-site in your user you move on to the home page tour. The home page tour is a 3 minute period of them touring and exploring the home page, I have made the error of giving the tour myself previously and need to knock that off quickly. The author makes a note to be sure that the user should not be prompted to respond on how they like the site, but to see if they know what it is on a more functional/informative level. Now comet the bulk of the testing where you utilize the scripts you had made, your only job here is to keep the user on task and on track… this portion should take a little over a half of an hour. A lot will be learned from the tasks, and questions will arise that you would like to ask later, this will be done after the tasks in the probing stage. Take five minutes to ask any questions you didn’t want to interrupt with earlier. Once this is all said and done you can say thanks and pay them so you can get ready for the next test; each test actually takes 50 minutes not 60 so you should have this time. Reset your computer, tie any loose ends and consider any test revisions in this time. The final few pages of this chapter make note to not bring unnecessary/unwanted bias to the test and to be considerate… very nice! Noted. 


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