Ch7 – Rocket Surgery Made Easy

This is the chapter that is there to make sure you don’t forget stupid things when testing, we are talking check lists! The author guarantees you will forget to turn on microphones, order food, and much more when the time comes. The best way to prevent this is a check list, something to use that walked you through the same process every time, something that I need dearly. His check list is awesome! I will likely use it in the future; it has a checklist for each step from recruiting too testing. It will be interesting to see what I’m doing check list wise come the end of this book, I will have one for sure…but maybe I will change the authors up? We will see. So far I have fully agreed and committed to using his methods because he seems to really have this stuff figured out!

Here is a link to his checklist:

Its a great thing to look at, giving an idea of direction and showing a clear investment in what I have learned so far.


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