Ch6-Rocket Surgery Made Easy

The second chapter of the bulk that actually teach testing methods, this one looking at how to choose what they will actually be doing for you. This is not as daunting as it seems, especially given the authors approach that starts by simply making a list of the most important tasks that you site needs to carry out. So say for a website advertising me as a paraglider pilot I would want people to…

  • Find any services I offer
  • Learn about me
  • See my media
  • Contact me

Simple enough.

Then decide what tasks to test; and remember you will run many tests meaning skipping one task now does not amount to forever ignoring it.

  • Learn about me
  • See my media

Done. Chosen.

Now we write out a script that the user is to follow/reenact.

      “You love outdoor sports and found this cool website, you don’t know what paragliding is or anything about Hunter Nelson; learn more about paragliding and Hunter by watching some of his videos and reading what he has to say about himself and his site.”

Notice I didn’t say look in the about or media section, it needs to be straightforward to do and open to their interpretation. Telling them where to click when and why is not much of a test at all. These scripts should be looked over quickly and then printed for use. I like this idea, in the past I simply watched my buddy’s say that this or that is cool or strange… often walking them through the site to start with. I can happily accept this idea into my testing methods.


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