Ch5-Rocket Surgery Made Easy

Like I said before chapters 5-9 cover how to actually test, the focus of this chapter is how to recruit people for testing, a wide range of things go into recruiting. The first step was to think about who you needed looking at the site; this consisted of both representative users and others. The author explained that getting a diverse range of input is important (meaning so far my friends have been a great resource to test my class projects), then he went on to cover how to get these people in for testing. Getting people in involves finding them, choosing the best candidates and providing incentive. To find people you can use anything from bulletin boards, word of mouth/friends, or my personal favorite craigslist. Then comes getting to know the individuals to see which fit best, more often than not over the phone. Lastly you need to pay/feed them so they actually want to come, though the author did mention many people are excited to help. After setting up every thing it is important to follow up to confirm and give directions to the “test center”, NDA, and any other necessary info. Three recruited people is enough given the fact you need to be able to do this easily (I love his capitalization on simplicity!) and that its likely any more recruits would over whelm you or simply find the same problems over and over.


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