Ch4 – Rocket Surgery Made Easy

I am setting down the book halfway through this chapter right now, I feel like I wont quite document all my input well enough otherwise. So far this chapter has stated that testing should be started early, done often, and even be done to competing sites. That you should not only find and fix problems but invest just as much (if not more) into looking at what was learned in the experience and how you should handle what you learned i.e. how to handle future situations or where else the learned concept can be applied. Now at this point in the chapter the book is about to  jump into testing with wireframes, something I have already done to a decent degree… before I go on to read then review this portion I want to tackle something the book has made me realized: my teachers have already encouraged and introduced testing (to a degree), I almost feel like I am relearning! This being said; I am about to dive much deeper into testing, and before I am given a structure to operate within (the soul focus of ch5-ch9) I want to document my current approach and preconceived ideas/thoughts as far as testing goes. This way I can look back at it as I learn and improve upon it as well as watch what I really learn from this book,. So here is how I do things now…

I always start with either a project or idea, I document it to reference. I take great care in my wording because I don’t want any influencing factors shape the project; but only to be accepted into the plan after carefully thought over (this idea is one I value greatly, as you can see I am practicing it now regarding how I test). Then I start looking at what other people are doing similarly and start collecting ideas. The book suggested doing just this, but with the use of others Inputs as well. I don’t always include others in this part but sometimes do and could and probably will be influenced to do so. Later on in the design process I am referencing back to the ideas I found elsewhere and going to friends to get input on how well my ideas are working or will work. I do a lot of playing with my projects throughout design process to see whats good and critique it, but notably find myself coding core structures of sites and making every thing pretty after so I don’t get hung up on stuff (stuff that often gets reworked if not deleted). Upon finalization I look at every step I took and reassess it until fully confident that its ready to be finalized.

I think that fairly well covers how I do testing, now on with the rest of the chapter. The wireframe concept shown did little more than I do actually, maybe with a little more capitalization on sharing the idea earlier than I do. It was less of a distraction than I assumed it would be from the prior subjects of this chapter! On to the next chapter! 


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