Ch3 – Rocket Surgery Made Easy

“A morning a month, that’s all we ask”, the simple concept that once a month you should take a short bit of time (not necessarily a morning) and do some simple testing on your work. This is the authors way of avoiding what he refers to as, “The Big Hoking Test”, which is a term he gives to less frequently overwhelming bouts of sitting down and working tirelessly to find and fix a whole or very far along piece of work. Conversely his “morning a month” approach involves little more that using minimal resources to find a few key things to work on; and even goes as far as to not  overwhelm you with actually fixing things. I like this approach because its simple, realistic, and sounds like something I may even look forward to! Even currently I do something along these lines, as I mentioned in my workflow ananysis ( I regularly am getting feed back from people throughout my development process. Its one of my favorite parts of making a site! I think I will enjoy learning and then practicing a more structured manner in which to do this like he does.


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