Ch2-Rocket Surgery Made Easy

Capitalizing on simplicity, I love it! This chapter consisted of one page and presented only one simple thing; that I should watch the demo video at So I did…

It was very nice to watch, also capitalizing on simplicity and straightforwardness. The man sure did seem to have a way of going about things. He built a good foundation to move forward from and was very thoughtful and clear through the whole test. I feel like this is something I could enjoy and be good at. This form of work is pretty exhilarating if you think about it, not only are you making sure something clear and simple (things I greatly value) but you are also playing a key part in finalizing a site of one of its functions. There is not much cooler than that; the potential a website has is immense to say the least. I am so passionate about all of my classes for that very reason, I cant wait to sit down and bring to life dreams of not only myself but also others through websites and share them with the world!


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