Ch 1/opening remarks – Rocket Surgery Made Easy

Man I was excited for this book! I went into the Clark book store just to give it a glance and got so excited I bought it even though it was priced three of four times higher than online. It has a beautiful layout and Is very well written, I was hooked after just a few moments of skimming through it! On with my actual reading summery…

What advice do we give first time paraglider pilots? Keep your hands up and let the wing fly itself, and when you land face into the wind because you will go slower. But sure enough I will launch right after that person and do any thing but fly hands up, hell Ill be burring my breaks left and right, shifting around in my harness, flying way down wind, even landing far from any designated landing zone. All because I have learned much beyond the play it safe passive flying style that we call “hands up”, but there is nothing wrong with “hands up” flying; its where we all start. This book made it clear to me right from the get-go that It was giving only the “hands up” approach on usability testing and that there is a much broader field than I will see here. This is not the place to learn how to conduct quantitative tests but instead I will discover dumbed down simplistic approaches of a more qualitative manner. Metaphorically again, this book will teach me not how to become a paragliding “sky god” but instead how to fly off a mountain and live to tell about it…and I am so excited to launch! But admittedly I am a bit weary of the journey I am about to take; how will it change me and my approaches toward developing sites? I feel like I need to take this book “with a grain of sand” so to speak. 


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