My goals for winter break

I was once given some great advice, that there is little consequence when you fail to meet a goal you set in your mind. That real commitment is undertaken and displayed when you tell others of your goals. I have lived by this concept ever since; and it works. I have big plans for life, ones that are not easy to tackle… and even though its hard, stressful and often overwhelming I share my plans and continue to push myself everyday. Slowly but surely see my dreams come to life.

I’m sharing this because this very post is me solidifying/committing to a few goals for my winter break. Less serious and more short term than my life goals, but important and challenging none the less. I will do the following four things this break…

  1. Complete one section In code academy each day.
  2. Read and review one chapter from one of my new school bucks each day.
  3. Work every possible day from now until the tree farm closes for this season.
  4. Get my house a new roof, tyvek wrapping, and install those sweet new windows!



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