Responsive Desighn Workflow – My work flow

Every project starts in the same spot, getting or being given an idea (or project). Every time I immediately record the concept as soon as possible. I also am careful to not record ideas or any concepts that will give me a bias when I reach a real development stage; something I do too much and have ruined projects with. Then I mull the idea around thinking about how it should be approached, I also get input from others to help find some direction or unique approaches… this is something I am constantly doing. Then I finally sit down to create my first written ideas, starting with documenting the bare-bones structure needed and then playing with how those can be best presented. This stage involves a lot of getting ideas and input from others as-well as looking to see what others did in similar situations. After a seriously large bit of thinking and trial and error I settle on how everything should be tackled. Finally I start coding at this point and making a wireframe, this involves just as much if not more of seeing what works and what does not and getting ideas and input from others; I am also referencing my notes from before. After a the roller coaster that is settling on a layout is finished I start populating the website and fine tuning everything to work. I have come to really love being a part of this process, and I am so excited for further my skills and try new things. On that note and given that this is my last post for this class I would really like to say thank you fer everything this quarter… changing over to web dev for school was a scary thing to do and I’m so happy to have taken the leap! I’m excited to go to school and too see what this all becomes. I look at the whole world differently and have skills I would have never dreamed of, and I’m just getting started! Thanks



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