Site reveiw

Well…Some one was going to do it! My website I chose to review is First off I do love the simplicity brought to the website, it really buys into the idea that less is more. However I think the website is 2 things too deep into the less is more ideology. First and foremost the lack of any kind of border around the videos bothers me, even the littlest border would help a lot; I feel like this is even more in portent because the videos break from the red body. Next off is the fact is that I don’t feel like I would be comfortable contacting you because a lack of an about page accompanied with any call to action. On the other hand the design currently definitely is straightforward as far as immersing users in the media and information available. Admittedly I am not sure how one could add the later of what I said is needed with out damaging the straightforwardness I appreciate. Possibly a call to action under unveil your unique stories?


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