Motion Graphic Design – Chapter 13/book finale

Gone are the days of carrying this book around!
I finished the book this morning, I figured I had a few chapters left but it turned out to only be one! I was very pleased to discover this to say the least. The last chapter was not of too much substance as it focused mostly on methods of making scenes flow nicely. I take great interest in a lot of this and had taken note of about everything presented previously. Most editing I have done in the past has been greatly dependent on pace and “rhythmic editing” due to the fact I have mostly tackled sports videos consisting of little more of music and cool action shots. This has encouraged me to try and expand my abilities and pay attention to the exact things this chapter touched on. On that note I will end this post and this book In a playful manner with video relevant to my final chapter in this book. Here’s to my first video in my new blog!


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