Motion Graphic Design – Chapter 10,11,12

I like chapter ten a lot, I’m being sure to read slow and take plenty of time to think things through. The subject of this chapter is conceptualization, and it starts off with some grounding thoughts.

  • You need to start with an objective
  • You need to develop an understanding of the subject
  • One needs to understand/expect the restrictions on creativity

All subjects bringing light to the fact that you cant get lost in a right-brained wonderland; a concept I as well as any other student in my class would love to spit in the face of. It is a good point, if your working for a client or in general have any true investment in what your concept is getting accost there will be give and take with design and content. After examining this fact the book encouraged me to look at realizing what in life was conducive to my creativeness and how I should tackle bringing my ideas to life. I like what the book had to say and found that I had already given more thought than I had anticipated to the subject.

Now for the first bit of chapter 11, I was seriously planning on typing the following…

Chapter 11, persistence of vision exists and many forms of animation used it to evolve to today motion art, nothing new really…

But right before I hit the end of the chapter I saw an unexpected flash stage under the subject Interpolation Animation. Now I cant say that I learned anything hugely new but it was fun to dive a little deeper into the ability’s of flash, I am reading ahead and its cool to foresee things I will be playing with.

Now for chapter 12 I can truly say I didn’t take away much, It really was like a revisit of my Photoshop class. The one thing this chapter really did do is get me way excited for some video work next quarter! 



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