Responsive Design Workflow – Chapter 4,5,6

Chapter 4, introduction of the “tool rule”! I’m sure glad the author did that, otherwise I could never see past his command line work and simulations. He luckily has the thought to realize that our industry is constantly changing and there are many angles to work it from. Ill tell you what, the command line is cool, converting to html was cool, but its not my thing.

I really like how the author keeps giving attention to working with the client. The author gives good input regarding problems he has had and ways to communicate in understandable terms. Furthermore this translates to the attention given to documentation in wire frames.

This last week I didn’t get to the reading until Thursday, so most of it was review. I’m going to try and read far ahead this week. It will help in class and I’ll have less to carry biking to school!



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