Motion Graphic Design – Chapter 4,5,6

It was fun reading the first chapter! Interactive media is what its all about for me right now. It was cool to see lots of different variations and get different input on it all. I especially liked that the book touched on transitions in interactive media; specifically regarding smartphones. It was very interesting and exciting. It was great to see it touching on some really dynamic websites and see how they were manageable through well thought out layouts and themes. 

Chapter 5, oh chapter 5. The chapter flung into the book when the publisher wanted more substance, the fill to meet an arbitrary book length, the words I’m typing because something…anything more than nothing had to address “motion graphics in public spaces”. I honestly thought nothing of this chapter, I learned nothing, I was unimpressed. Maybe I don’t feel invested personally in the subject but this whole chapter seemed to be a ranting waste of time. Sure there are wider applications of what we are doing here but every one knows that and there was just nothing to this bit.

the last chapter of my reading thankfully was a bit that needed to be in the book. It covered motion literacy; it gave attention to all of the dynamic happenings in even the simplest forms of multimedia. It revealed that there are countless dimensions with in any media, such as timing, accelerations, and even secondary action (reactive movements that correlate with others) of not only the object in focus but also the camera. There was so much presented that I had yet to really stop and look at before, I;m happy with the abundance of information given by this chapter.


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