Beautiful Web Design – Chapters 4,5

So Honestly starting out my blog posts I did not even know what books I was required to post reflections on, and I think this book was not required… but I am not sure. I simply herd that I had to do This for some books and decided I would do this for every class from here on out; it is a great concept and very conducive to being a successful person. But hey, I’m already done with the book so enough with the ranting and on to the book!

This book started out awesome, but sadly made me realize that there are some interesting issues in web design. I struggle with the fact we can do all kinds of amazing things but still have such conflicting ideology’s of how to get proper color pallets, or furthermore that we still have trouble selecting fonts. The solutions to these problems bring little comfort too, when tackling this in class I was simply astounded with what we had to be doing; its like making a magazine cover in Microsoft paint! And I said we were stepping away from my ranting…

Ahh, the last chapter: Images. Just what I needed; a simple who, what, when, where, and why regarding images. It was well thought out and all reassuring to read. There was not much takeaway here really, My previous classes have really exposed me to a lot of what was presented here, and what previous classes had not covered various life experiences had. Over all the book gave some nice insight and I am very glad I took the time to read it. My largest takeaways from this read are…

  • How to work with a client
  • Embrace simplicity (no protest here)
  • Use forethought 

This book was easily worth a hundred mistakes I would have made with out it, for that I’m grateful.


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