JavaScript – The Definitive Guide – Chapters 1,2,3

These three chapters were dense. The whole book is dense. However it was not all that bad because it was only rehashing what was learned in class. Everything covered was just essentially lexical structure , reserved terms, things of this nature. I would be lying if I claimed to have them down, or even kinda dialed, but reading everything again was a bit unnecessary.  My only good takeaway was how JS used function scope; including functions nested within functions in the scope. I think that’s really cool!

My homework is to make a web site with two popups, each prompting for a name. Then a third popup needs to display these two conjugated. I have the pheudo-code down and understand how to link JS externally. Strangely enough I don’t feel like the code necessary to have a popup that prompts was provided in class of in the reading, not even when a read ahead. Surely I will be able to make due with various resources, but hell what a pain.


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