The Principles Of Web Design – Chapter 1,2,3

This book has me so excited! I’m always thinking about different website layouts and different ways to present content. I have given a lot of thought to this subject and its very fun to read a book that dives deeper into the subject. Things I have had on my mind currently and previously keep popping up such as a balance between a sites functionality and appeal as well as an ability to sufficiently meet all users needs through varying methods. I also love how the book acts not only as a manual to design but from an angle that provides real life applications of a web designer with input giving thought to the involvement of customers, users, and yourself. In the same manner this book inspires me to build websites in my head while reading I’m also interacting with theoretical customers. After just the first chapter I feel like I have significantly improved ability to apply what is currently a conceptual means of making a website come to life. I have been introduced to some great methods of thought to add to my own as well as some really neat ideas to try out.

I felt as if a great weight was being lifted as I began to read chapter two. The thought I’ve put into color selection for websites has been the source of much stress and confusion and the fact that it is so easy to get caught up in something so petty is rather upsetting in itself. I found great comfort in seeing a chapter in this book that not only showed my I was not the only one with this disease, and that there was a cure. A nice method of settling on a color scheme was provided along with reasoning for why to do it that way. Having that makes something that seems so daunting go along much better, kind of like a solder entering a battle field; his training tells him what to do. I know that color selection is much more intense than war… but I feel like my training will help me along.

I was once again very excited to read when I discovered chapter three was about using texture in web design and now that I’m setting it down after flying through it, I’m even more excited. The one thing that I kept picturing in my mind through out chapter two was the beautiful colored sites to be, but few felt complete with out texture. I agree with the author that texture can be the thing that brings a site above and beyond standards. Furthermore a appreciated his wade ranged input toward how to had been, could, should and should not be used. I feel much more informed and ready to try many new things, beyond texture related thanks to the authors forethought to include subjects like rotating, rounding, and even removing content boxes for desired effects.

Loving my school work!


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