Motion Graphic Design – Chapters 1,2,3

Gosh Darn Great

There are three things in particular that struck me reading the first chapter. The most profound being the writing style; choppy and wandering. With such a description you may think I’m trash talking the book, but on the contrary that couldn’t be farther from the truth. This style of writing beautifully enables the author envelop me in the latter two subjects that “struck me”; the emergence of motion art in many dynamic ways, shapes, and forms as well as the degree to which this subject makes my mind run wild. Its hard not to set down the book and wander off to create my own motion art, just as I had in my mind throughout the whole reading.

The second chapter… sadly referenced the title sequence of The Number 23 in figure 2.4, just one step past of a punny and “too good to pass up” lay out.  The author seems to have directed the energy needed to hide a  comical reference toward something more substantial; two amazing statements that together embody the whole concept this chapter covers. These statements come from his reflection on the title sequence into Vertigo, a movie I had personally watched and notably loved for its intro(simply seeing the title Vertigo flung me into daydreaming of its title sequence). The author states that Bass had effectively made a mini-film with in the film, and that furthermore it set the tone and mood for the film.

Chapter three was an anticlimactic chapter to end on for the night. I feel like it did no more than slap some more elaborate names on concepts I have already taken note of.  The most interesting take away from this bit was the fact that news promotions are used to meet FCC regulations and advertise.  But other than that I have simply been exposed to today’s media enough to have taken note of commercials and a deep investment in use of images. Lucky it looks like the next chapter will compensate more than fully by covering interactive media!





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